Monday, December 28, 2009

We had a fun filled week with Bryan's parents and Joe here.

What a precious gift God has given us!!

Joe enjoying a round of putt putt with his dad.

Michael Isaac enjoying playing the guitar with his big brother Joe.

Toys are nice, but the box is a lot more FUN!!!

Table and chairs, just my size!

Hannah really loves this little chair, she drags it all over the house to sit in.

I need to call Daddy to see what he wants for supper.

Michael Isaac cooking his pizza

Maw Maw and Michael haveing corn on the cobb and a lemon! He really does like lemons

Hannah with her first baby doll that she has NO interest in.

Nope, still not interested.

I've had enough of this doll thing, I'm going to find that dancing chicken!

Hey I found it!! This was a white elephant gift we brought back from our church party. It clucks and does the chicken dance. Hannah's favorite toy!!

What does this sticker mean that says "press here"? It came off my chicken.

Michael Isaac loving his Thomas the Train!

Try as I may, I can not get Michael Isaac to eat scrambled eggs from a bowl, but when I dropped some on the floor one day, he thought it was the grandest thing in the world to help his sister eat them from the floor.

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