Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!!

I thought it would be such a good idea for Bryan to take a week off work and we could go to Atl. and Al. and see all our family on one trip. BAD idea!! Hannah cried and fussed the whole way there (5 1/2 hrs.). Then Hannah pulled the central vac cover off the wall and Michael Isaac decided to stick his arm in it and got it stuck. I thought we were going to have to call 911, but thanks to daddy, his screw driver, and some cooking pam, we got it out, but not without a lot of tears. Every night either one of the kids or usually both woke up several times giving me no sleep for a whole week!! The trip home wasn't much better, however, there were some good times!

We enjoyed visiting our friends at Restoration Life church on Sunday. It was so refreshing to be back, it felt like we had never left! Thanks to granny Doris for a trip to the Ga. aquarium on Mon. We loved seeing the beauty of God's creation!! (This was the only day I took pictures, the rest of the time I was just trying to stay awake.) We enjoyed three big Thanksgiving meals. One with my family in Al. One with my family in Ga. and one with Bryan's family in Ga. We also really enjoyed getting to see our dear friends Mark and Jennifer Mozley who are missionaries in Africa and headed to Asia.

We are happy to be home!! When we arrived home, Michael Isaac said, "Michael is glad to be home, LET"S GO TO THE BEACH!!"

Hannah giving Michael Isaac a big kiss on the nose, she loves her brother!
Michael approaching Hannah for a kiss.

Hannah thinks her brother is sooooooooo funny!!

This was the largest exhibit at the aquarium. The tank was over 60 feet wide!

One big whale, this about 1/2 the size that it will actually get!

I love all the bright and colorful fish, God is so creative!

These are called giant Japaneese spider crabs.

Hannah admiring the fish

A sea turtle

Michael Isaac trying to catch a fish

Hannah loved slapping on the glass when the fish would come near
Praise the Lord we are home!!!! Michael Isaac will often raise his hands at the table and say "praise the Lord' or "hallalujah" and Hannah copies him, it is too cute!

Two babies cracking up at each other.

Michael Isaac is often trying to put food in Hannah's mouth, here she is trying to put her hand in his mouth.

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