Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hannah's Dedication at Restoration Life Church in Marietta with her two friends Anna Kessler and Chole Kitchens. The girls are all one month apart. Hannah being the youngest, but the biggest! Don't know how I have such big babies, but I sure love them!!!
Right after my bath!!

You may wonder in the next few pictures WHAT is soooooo funny! Absolutely nothing! Michael Isaac just loves to crack himself up over nothing at all. What a joy to have laughter (Isaac) and Grace (Hannah) in our home during times like this!!!

What sweet Grace!!!

Our new found friend from Kenya. Ismal who is the regional director for Life school in Kenya. He and Ken Kessler (founder of Life school International, and pastor of Restoration Life church) came to PC for the week end to share with people here about Life school.

Ken reading a book to Michael Isaac. A new found paw paw for Michael Isaac!

Hannah likes to crack herself up as well!!

What a face!!!

Here Hannah, have your pacify! He has finally found the right way, and the right place to put it. Before, he tried her nose, ear and eyes, now he knows it ONLY goes in her mouth.