Saturday, December 27, 2008

Michael Isaac helping daddy blow out the Hanukkah candles

All dressed up for church


I love you Hannah!

Here Hannah, hold my hand.

The next few photos was an attempt to get Hannah to smile for the camera!

She must have some of my personality?!

This was taken in the mirror on her play mat.

She is so sweet sleeping! Michael Isaac sees her sleeping and puts his finger over his mouth and blows out of his nose. He thinks that's how we make the shhhhhh sound.

Michael Isaac was a sheep in a play we had at church. Hannah played Jesus. Hannah's tear duct in her left eye has been stopped up since birth and it runs none stop every day, ALL day. I said, "maybe her eye will be healed as she plays the role of Jesus" then we all laughed. I did however, say a quick prayer that Jesus would heal her during the play. As of Sunday, her eye has not run ONE TIME!! She really was healed! Oh me of little faith!!