Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hannah loves taking her diapers out of the diaper basket and climbing in!

Michael Isaac enjoying Hannah's birthday party! We celebrated with lots of family and friends and Hannah enjoyed her day!!

The birthday girl in a birthday bag

Mommy and the birthday girl!

Hannah and her first purse, matches her pacie!

playing with balloons

Uncle Todd's first time to see Hannah

Hannah and her friend Anna, they are about one month apart in age

Hannah's feast!!

My first birthday cake!!!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

You've got the cutest little baby face!
You do too!!

Hey mom, I see a bug on the ground. Look up Michael Isaac for the camera. Oh well??

Our attempt at a family photo on the swing. Don't think my arm is long enough.

Ooops, cut the kids head off.

Did I get us all? Oh Michael is picking his nose.

Our family time at the zoo!! Look daddy look, A LION!!!!!!!

My attempt to get Michael coming down the slide, don't like these cameras with delays.

The sweetest picture of all!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hannah kissing herself in the mirror, Oh she just loves herself!

Bryan's attempt to play dress up with Hannah while Michael Isaac and I were at church

Michael Isaac loooooooooves his bubble baths!

Hey look at me, I'm standing in the back of daddy's truck!

Michael Isaac having fun with friends from Atl. on the beach

This is Hannah NOT taking the nap she was supposed to take while on the beach!