Monday, May 16, 2011


Who is Apita? Apita is a young lady from Thailand that Bryan & I sponsererd for over 9 years through the House of Grace ministry. The House of Grace rescues girls who live in the villages of Thailand and are at high risk for being sold into the sex trade market, which is very high in Thailand. At the house of Grace they get food, shelter, clothing, schooling, and are taught the word of God. Apita accepted Jesus and was baptized in her teens. Bryan and I had prayed that one day we would get to go to Thailand and meet the girl that we sponsered and wrote letters to for over 9 years. God surprised us on Mother's Day and Apita came to visit us for 4 days. She has been in the states for over a year working as a nanny in WV through a nanny program. How blessed we were to have her in our home to get to know her in person and love on her.

The ladies at my church gave her an awesome blessing shower and it really ministered to her heart. I was in such a rush to slip out of my house without my kids crying for me that I forgot to get my camera for that night.

We spent time at the zoo, rode the rides at pier park, played putt putt and played on the beach. Her desire is to stay in the states, go to college and become a RN. I believe God will grant her the desires of her heart. She is a precious young woman.

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