Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We traveled to Ga. for Thanksgiving and to Al. and Ga. for Christmas. I didn't have my camera the whole time, so sorry to the family members that got left out of photos. As you can see from pitures below, I have a BIG family! We had a great time this year and Michael Isaac and Hannah LOVED playing with all their cousins. LOTS of cousins!! Michael Isaac couldn't remember all the names of his cousins so he started calling them, "my cousin in the pink, or my cousin wearing black pants, etc..."
Michael Isaac wanted to see snow sooooo bad and after staying a week in Al. and Atl. we left on Christmas Eve and it snowed the next day. He was very disappointed he didn't get to see it.
My favorite part of the Holidays are seeing family, eating sweets, and taking naps!!

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