Thursday, April 1, 2010

I haven't posted pictures in a while so here are a few from the past month.
Michael likes playing with frogs!! The next few pictures are from Resurecction Sunday after church we went to Eden Gardens and had a great time!! It's a beautiful place!!

This tree is so unique, it's limb goes over the road, touches the ground and comes back up.
Michael Isaac loves going to the zoo. His favorite animals are the ones that cost 75 cents to ride.

Hannah enjoys getting a ride from her brother in the blue truck.

What a sweet face!!

Michael looks as if he sees angels in the sky.


Play time with daddy while mommy is away
Hannah learning to eat with a spoon, she does a pretty good job.

They have matching pajamas, for $1.99 at the Children's Place, I couldn't resist.

Play time in our back yard, thanks to daddy building a fence.

I've been painting their bathroom, so they want to help out!

These are pictures at Pier Park. Michael loves riding the rides and Hannah loves just running around looking at everything. It's a fun place to go!

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Kessler Kido said...

Too cute! Love seeing the kiddos and they've grown so much! Hugs!