Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hannah's 6 months old today!!!

Joe is 16 and looking 26! He is a handsome young man and really excelling in school. Especially in music! He is even teaching his dad some things. He is in AP (Advanced Placement) classes and has won some awards. We are VERY proud of him!!

Two squeaky clean peas in a pod! Twins that are 18 months apart.

Michael Isaac enjoying the carousal at Pier Park.
Michael Isaac after getting his head loaded with sunscreen for the beach!

Playing with daddy in the sand. He loooooooves the beach!
Petting a pup at Kids Fest at the community college.
Fishing with daddy at Kids Fest, he caught a panda bear hat!
Fire truck and helecopter, don't know which one he liked the best, but he loved them both!!

Hannah Grace is 6 months old today!! Here she is at Kids Fest
Love my carrots and peas!!
Michael Isaac is still found of his little sister and loves taking care of her. When she cries, he comes to me and lets out a fake cry and points to her and says "Annie" "Annie" he hasn't quiet got Hannah yet. He pulls me by the hand and makes sure I go see about her.

Don't you just want to squeeze those chubby little legs!!

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